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The Demi chef de parties’ position is very important and potentially the most important role within the group, as you have the responsibility of delivering our food offer to the guests.  This is a high pressure job with huge expectations of you and of the food you serve, however this is also your opportunity to demonstrate you have the skills and ability to deliver under pressure delivering the standards and expectations of the company.



Maintains food preparation, garnishes menu items, including buffet preparation to current specifications of the restaurant.

Ensures that the presentation, taste, texture and quantity are maintained to the standards laid by the restaurant.

Sets up station properly and on time for each service period.

After service switch off and clean oven tops and work areas as well as surfaces.

Ensures that all health and food safety standards are duly practiced.

You deliver exceptional food in every service without compromise of any food specifications

To deliver this you must have 100% knowledge of every specification within your section/s

This role demands that you work as part of a team to deliver these expectations and you work with the team in every service together to deliver exceptional food to our guests

Every dish that leaves your operation is produced exactly to our food specification, this includes those around you, if you see something wrong or a chef not following spec you must pass this to your line manager and if possible help them to do this correctly

You have an in-depth working knowledge of your section in the kitchen including food date labels and food safety, this is your responsibility when on shift to make sure your section is safe

Ensure all wastage and spoilage is kept to a minimum by following the food specification and mistakes are recorded and rectified before any dish leaves the kitchen 

Report to your line manager ASAP any serious issues that need addressing this includes, but not limited to, reporting of equipment failures or safety concerns within the working operation 

Follow all established work procedures and processes without compromise to ensure your role within the kitchen operation runs efficiently and effectively

You listen and action any points of communication relevant to you and your section from your senior chef team


You are responsible for your section and expected to work professionally at all times in a safe manner, this includes following your daily prep sheet set out for you by the senior chef team and once complete you are to return the paper work as directed and prepare for service

All official paperwork for example the temperature documentation is completed, understood, and genuine without exception for your section of responsibility within the kitchen 

Any corrective action for you to complete as set by your senior chefs is in completing paperwork must be undertaken immediately and the mistakes do not take place again, we take no risks with our guest safety in any way

As a key member of the chef team you must conduct yourself professionally at all times and any issues with your discipline will be reported without bias and dealt with by your line manager however if you have any issues you are expected to always ask for advice before they become serious if possible

Development & Training

You are expected to take part and be positive in all staff training sessions which we will organized for you as part of your commitment to develop you during your time with the company

You will be offered the opportunity through structured objectives and job assessments to progress and undertake the Sous Chef development training manual which is designed to help train and ready you for the next stage in your career, use this opportunity to learn and develop your skills which you are expected to share within the team to make the whole team more efficient and professional

All team members are to be offered the opportunity to progress within the company, this is up to you to communicate with the team and make sure they understand what is expected and available to them

You are expected to take every opportunity to develop and refine you skills, you have the ability utilizing the training we will provide for you.


· Any Nationality

· Candidates must be available in Doha (with valid Resident Permit and transferrable visa

-Proficient in fundamental culinary skills such as knife skills, cooking techniques (e.g., sautéing, grilling, baking), and basic food preparation.

-Knowledgeable of different ingredients, flavors, and cooking methods. Must familiar with food safety and sanitation practices, as well as your understanding of proper food handling and storage.

· Strong cooking skills and a good understanding of culinary techniques are essential. Familiarity with different cooking methods, knife skills, food preparation, and basic kitchen equipment operation is important.

-Expertise in executing techniques and preparing dishes related to your station, such as sauté, grill, pastry, or garde manger (cold kitchen).

-Meticulous and precision in executing recipes and plating dishes. Able to maintain consistency in flavor profiles, portion sizes, and presentation.

-Experience in working collaboratively with other kitchen staff, such as sous chefs, line cooks, and apprentices.

· Knowledge of food safety standards and proper hygiene practices in a kitchen environment is crucial. Understanding HACCP principles, safe food handling, and sanitation procedures is necessary to maintain a clean and safe kitchen.

· The ability to work efficiently and manage time effectively is important in a fast-paced kitchen environment. Should be able to prioritize tasks, work under pressure, and meet deadlines while maintaining quality standards.

· Can be physically fit for requiring standing for long periods, lifting heavy pots and pans, and working in hot environments. Good physical stamina and the ability to handle the physical demands of the job are important.



Based on your interview

Monthly based


Umm Salal Municipality , Qatar

Annual Leave Annual Return Ticket Accommodation Transportation Over Time Pay WCP Hamad Medical Card
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11 months ago
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1mo 1w
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Full Time
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Team Leader
Bachelor Degree
3+ Years
Alpina kitchen ( Cloud Kitchen), Kharatiyat street، Doha, Qatar