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We are in search of a skilled and experienced Quality Manager to join our team. The ideal candidate will be passionate about ensuring the highest standards of quality in our culinary offerings. The Quality Manager will play a pivotal role in maintaining and improving the quality of our food products, ensuring compliance with food safety regulations, and managing quality control processes in the kitchen.


1. Develop and Implement Quality Standards:
  - Establish and update quality standards for food products, considering customer preferences and industry best practices.
  - Implement and enforce quality control processes to ensure consistency and excellence in food preparation.

2. Quality Assurance:
  - Conduct regular inspections and evaluations of food preparation processes to guarantee adherence to quality standards.
  - Collaborate with kitchen staff to identify and address any quality-related issues promptly.

3. Hygiene and Sanitation:
  - Maintain and enforce strict hygiene and sanitation standards in the kitchen, ensuring compliance with food safety regulations.
  - Oversee proper storage, handling, and disposal of ingredients to prevent contamination.

4. Training and Development:
  - Train kitchen staff in quality control processes, emphasizing the importance of maintaining high-quality standards.
  - Continuously develop and enhance the culinary team's understanding of quality assurance.

5. Monitoring and Reporting:
  - Monitor key quality metrics, including taste, presentation, and consistency, and implement corrective measures as needed.
  - Prepare and present regular reports on quality performance to the management team.

6. Supplier Quality Management:
  - Collaborate with suppliers to ensure the quality of incoming ingredients and materials.
  - Evaluate and select suppliers based on quality standards and consistency.

7. Continuous Improvement:
  - Drive continuous improvement initiatives to enhance overall kitchen efficiency and quality.
  - Seek feedback from customers and incorporate insights into quality improvement strategies.


- The candidate must be available locally and able to join immediately.
- Proven 4 years of experience as a Quality Manager in the culinary industry.
- In-depth knowledge of quality assurance processes and standards in the food industry.
- Strong leadership and management skills.
- Exceptional attention to detail and commitment to maintaining high-quality standards.
- Ability to work under pressure in a fast-paced kitchen environment.
- Knowledge of food safety and sanitation regulations.
- Strong communication and teamwork skills.
- Relevant certifications in quality management or a related field are a plus.

If you are a highly motivated individual with a passion for ensuring culinary excellence and want to contribute to a dynamic and innovative team, we encourage you to apply for this exciting opportunity.



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Doha Municipality , Qatar

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4 months ago
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